Custom Wallpaper is the DIY You’ll Want to Try

Many of us are spending more time at home than usual, providing the opportunity for a thorough inspection. I usually just spent evenings at home, but now I have almost all day to really take a look at my space. Should that lamp really go there? Can I find a little more space in the closet if I spend a few hours (days, months…) reorganizing? Does the dog really need three different beds? Could I make this room feel a little more personal? How?

I have conducted this very inspection in our house, and my family has already re-painted two rooms this past spring. Collectively, we’ve spent weeks shifting sleeping arrangements, moving furniture, setting up fans, taping, and, of course, sweating as we stretch to paint all the nooks and crannies of the rooms. As we look ahead to a potential third room, the idea of wallpapering has caught our attention. It just might be time to retire our paint-spattered pants because we are particularly intrigued by the idea of custom wallpaper.

All of the beauty and simplicity of wallpaper, with the option to make it completely our own. By customizing, we can make the room exactly what we want: bright, moody, loud, calming– even a photo or text of our own choosing! By putting the design in someone else’s hands, we open up totally new possibilities. Using wallpaper, especially custom wallpaper, we can create designs that would be nearly impossible to achieve with paint. No more painstaking hours of taping a room’s edges; wallpaper guarantees clean cut edges. Even better– wallpaper is more easily changed than paint! If we change our minds and want to eventually paint, we can also search for paintable wallpaper and really get the best of both worlds. 

Check out these websites to find your own custom wallpaper!

Bespoke Wallpaper — Amazing designs ready for you to order, or create your own. You can even get a sample sent before you make your decision.

Totally Custom Wallpaper — With over 20 years of experience, they are ready to help you bring your room to life.

Murals Your Way — Take your space to the next level with a custom wall mural or custom wallpaper!

Limitless Walls — “Find your removable wall.” Choose from their designs, or upload your own photo. 

Rebel Walls — This site has a whole section dedicated to inspiration for their clients’ rooms. Browse the page and get ready to customize!

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