Ten Innovative Ways to Put Printed Air Fresheners to Use

A printed air freshener can easily be found at most supermarkets these days. Even the local shops may have it for you. The huge number of designs and the great fragrances that these printed air fresheners come with make them suitable for various types of uses. I came across ten really interesting uses for these air fresheners. Some of my ideas may appear be very innovative and out of the way – but believe me, I have tried and tested all of them successfully!


In your study
Studying can be real boring and at times unbearable. We often find it hard to concentrate in the books we read! Printed air fresheners can be perfect to liven up your learning process! Choose the right shape and the fragrance and fix it near your study table. The perfume will keep your mind fresh and hooked into the text books!

In the kitchen
Worried about the smell of cooking becoming a serious issue in your kitchen? A printed air freshener is the perfect answer to get rid of such unwanted odors. Get the right print to match the theme of your kitchen and choose the right perfume to combat the oily and grimy smell of the kitchen!

In your bedroom
A nice fragrance can help you to a peaceful and sound sleep. Hang the air freshener above the head of your bed and keep your bedroom filled with positive vibes for sweeter dreams.

In the toilet
This should be a must in the toilet! Get rid of any odor that makes it difficult for you to step inside the toilet. Get hold of a nice apple or fruity perfume cut in the shape of the fruit itself and place it in the toilet.

In the car
It feels great to step into a car that smells good. Simply get a car shaped printed air freshener and hang it from the rear view mirror over the dashboard. That should supply you with fresh air to breathe in even when you keep all the windows up on long drives.

In the closet
Place an air freshener inside your closet to keep your clothes smelling good even through the damp and cold weathers. Choose the right fragrance for the best results.

In the garage
Does your garage smell only of gas and tires? Place a few of the printed air fresheners in the garage and change the way your garage smells. Make sure you choose the same perfume for all the air fresheners.

In the kennel
Give your pet a chance. Even they would like their home to be smelling good. Show how much you love them by placing the right printed air freshener in the kennel. Your pet will definitely be amused!

In your luggage
I love to carry an apple leaf shaped printed air freshener in my luggage whenever I am travelling. This keeps my clothes smelling fresh even on the longest journeys.

Use the printed air fresheners to decorate your home, your shop or your office. These come in various attractive and interesting shapes and can be very handy to keep the room decorated as well as smelling good for a long time!


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